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Natural Healing Reflux Without Medicine Drugs

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

A true message from an acid reflux sufferer – I really want to share with you how I deal with acid reflux symptoms and natural remedy for reflux without medicine drugs.

I used to have the following problems:
- Feel burning in the chest, especially after eating
- have trouble sleeping due to pain in my throat and chest
- nausea most of the time
- after eating, start coughing sometimes
- burp and flatulence
- lump in throat most of the time and difficulty swallowing

My work is very busy and stressful, so I took the easy route– tried on many different conventional medicine drugs (prescription or over the counter). These drugs only helped a little to treat symptoms in couple weeks. Then I noticed several of them caused even more stomach acid for long term use.

Finally I started trying natural remedies for reflux. Also, I made lifestyle changes as follows:
- Eat smaller and frequent meals. Also, I eat slowly and chew enough so the food can be digested more easily.   This truly helps a lot.
- Have dinner before 7:00 pm.  ( I used to have late dinner around 9 pm. )
- Avoid coffee, soft drinks, tomato sauces, chocolate, sweets, cheese, deep fried foods, pineapples, and citrus juices.   Then I found out I easily lose some weight by avoiding these foods.   Every morning I still have one small cup of coffee though.   One small coffee seems to be OK in this case.
- Fasting once a week.   The easiest one for me is fasting after dinner, not having a late-night snack.    This works very well for me EVERY DAY.
- Tilt the head of bed.   I use one extra pillow to elevate my head.

The above lifestyle changes have really relieved my reflux.   I figured out there’s no reason I should be taking drugs, when my reflux can be cured in a natural way.

By digging into natural cures for reflux, I found a very simple easy one – APPLE.  Yes,  I got this number one natural remedy for reflux.    Just couple slices of apple would do the trick. This truly relieves my reflux symptoms.   And it works fast enough for me.

I really want to help you stop the suffering from reflux. Hope my experience can help a bit. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you feel better.

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