Permanent Natural Cure For Acid Reflux

August 31st, 2011

Through my own experience dealing with reflux symptoms, I found acid reflux drugs carry the risk of developing side effects. By reducing stomach acid, these drugs make the stomach more hospitable to bacteria. They only cover up the signals our bodies sending out, in the end makes matters even worse, especially taking these drugs for long term use.  These drugs only cause people to delay trying to work with body’s natural healing system.   No!   We are not going to break our body’s natural healing system.

Most of time people take the easy route using the conventional medicine drugs (prescription or over-the-counter).  And the problem with these treatments is that not only do they cause harmful side effects, they don’t actually get to the root cause of the problem.

What stirs up acid reflux symptoms :

  1. eating too fast, not chewing enough
  2. spicy foods, red meat, alcohol, citrus, potato fries, onions, tomatoes, pasta ketchup, ice cream, sour cream, cheese, soft drinks, coffee (caffeine), chocolate, deep fried foods, sweets and pineapples
  3. having late dinner before bedtime
  4. stress !

Note: Stress definitely is a contributing factor in acid reflux because it reduces the amount of acid in our stomachs. Most people tend to think that acid reflux is due to too much acid, but sometimes it’s because not enough acid in our stomachs. Stress is a main cause of lowering stomach acid.

Simple lifestyle changes you may consider:

  1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Also try to eat slowly and chew enough.
  2. Avoid processed foods, dairy products.  And, again, try to keep away from  spicy foods, red meat, alcohol, citrus, potato fries, onions, tomatoes, pasta ketchup, ice cream, sour cream, cheese, soft drinks, coffee (caffeine), chocolate, deep fried foods, sweets and pineapples.
  3. Reduce stress with exercises, like walking outside, hiking, Qigong, Taichi and Yoga.
  4. Try organic whole foods and some ideal supplements like apple cider vinegar. This helps to raise stomach acid levels if they’re low. Digestive enzymes also assist to break down food in the stomach so that your body can absorb it properly.  B-complex can also relieve and reduce stress.
  5. Don’t eat within two to three hours before bedtime.
  6. Try to lose extra pounds.
  7. Fasting once a week.  Try the easiest way – fasting after dinner, NOT having a late-night snack.
  8. Tilt the head of bed.  Elevate your head a few inches while you sleep.
  9. Don’t wear belts or tight clothes.
  10. Stop smoking and alcohol. For the concern of you and your family, please quit smoking and avoid alcohol.

If you notice your acid reflux symptoms are relieved well enough, try hard and give your stomach at least two days to heal itself by avoiding food that upsets it or ruins its protection.  Our body’s natural healing system does need time to heal itself.  After this, you will have more energy and a quality life with no acid reflux burden.

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I hope this information have helped you.   Again, I wish you all the best of  luck and hope you feel better.

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Natural Healing Reflux Without Medicine Drugs

August 11th, 2011

A true message from an acid reflux sufferer – I really want to share with you how I deal with acid reflux symptoms and natural remedy for reflux without medicine drugs.

I used to have the following problems:
- Feel burning in the chest, especially after eating
- have trouble sleeping due to pain in my throat and chest
- nausea most of the time
- after eating, start coughing sometimes
- burp and flatulence
- lump in throat most of the time and difficulty swallowing

My work is very busy and stressful, so I took the easy route– tried on many different conventional medicine drugs (prescription or over the counter). These drugs only helped a little to treat symptoms in couple weeks. Then I noticed several of them caused even more stomach acid for long term use.

Finally I started trying natural remedies for reflux. Also, I made lifestyle changes as follows:
- Eat smaller and frequent meals. Also, I eat slowly and chew enough so the food can be digested more easily.   This truly helps a lot.
- Have dinner before 7:00 pm.  ( I used to have late dinner around 9 pm. )
- Avoid coffee, soft drinks, tomato sauces, chocolate, sweets, cheese, deep fried foods, pineapples, and citrus juices.   Then I found out I easily lose some weight by avoiding these foods.   Every morning I still have one small cup of coffee though.   One small coffee seems to be OK in this case.
- Fasting once a week.   The easiest one for me is fasting after dinner, not having a late-night snack.    This works very well for me EVERY DAY.
- Tilt the head of bed.   I use one extra pillow to elevate my head.

The above lifestyle changes have really relieved my reflux.   I figured out there’s no reason I should be taking drugs, when my reflux can be cured in a natural way.

By digging into natural cures for reflux, I found a very simple easy one – APPLE.  Yes,  I got this number one natural remedy for reflux.    Just couple slices of apple would do the trick. This truly relieves my reflux symptoms.   And it works fast enough for me.

I really want to help you stop the suffering from reflux. Hope my experience can help a bit. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you feel better.

Please Note : If you like my article, please do mention my site if you copy it.